I’m back, a prompt nine months after my first blog post… Life took over a bit in 2017 but here’s to regular posts throughout 2018!
I’m trying Veganuary this month and will be sharing some insights here as to how I’m finding it. A Vegan talking about being Vegan… Unheard of I know! *nervous laughter*

Makes sense to start with breakfast. As kids we used to swear we’d have chocolate for breakfast everyday when we grew up. Upon reaching adulthood medical professional warned us that probably wasn’t wise but don’t despair, I have found a healthy way to live out those childhood dreams!

If you’re into tracking your macros this consisted of 26g protein, 14g fat and 30g carbohydrates. Obviously only you know best what portion sizes and nutritional needs you have to meet but it’s a solid post workout breakfast for me and while it may look fancy, all the ingredients can easily be kept in your desk at work.


Oats, 30g

Chia Seeds, 10g

My Protein Vegan Blend Chocolate Smooth, 1 Scoop

Cacao Powder, 5g

Raspberries, 10g

Blueberries, 10g

Hazlenuts, 5g

Desicated Coconut, 4g

Flaked Almonds, 4g


  1. Pour about 300ml of water (you can use any kind of milk if you’d rather. You do you!) into your protein shaker. Add your protein powder, cacao powder (Aldi’s Funktional Foods one is great) and chia seeds (again Aldi can save you a fortune. I use there whole ones but you can use milled if you prefer). Give it a good rattle.
  2. Place your oats in a bowl and pour the contents of your protein shaker on to them. Stir them up with a fork before putting them in the microwave so all the oats are covered. Microwave them for 1 minute and 30 seconds at 850w. You don’t want them fully dried up as the oats and chia seeds will continue to absorb the chocolatey goodness while you’re gobbling them up.
  3. Decorate as you please! I’ve gone for a combo of raspberries, blueberries, desiccated coconut, flaked almonds and roasted (makes them taste a million times better!) hazelnuts but each to their own. I got all of those toppings in Aldi so don’t mug yourself by shopping somewhere boujee. Obviously you don’t have to be precious about making it look aesthetically pleasing, it tastes as good lumped on, but if you’re doing it for ‘gram investing the extra two seconds in presentation pays off.
  4. Chow down and enjoy!

The bitterest bit of Winter is still ahead of us so I hope this helps you through some cold mornings!