Well, again, it’s been over two years since I’ve done one of these favourites type pieces but here’s hoping I can get back into posting them regularly to remember some of the sweetest bits of life as it hurtles by.

Perhaps you’ll find some things, places, reads etc. here that you’ll love too.

So without further ado, here are my August favourites for 2020.



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A hoot and a half was had at Bay Sports in Athlone.

This is a must before winter sets in.

Wet suits are provided for you to skrrrt around the course in but bring socks (ideally the trampolining ones with grips on the bottom) so as to not to be a fish out of water flailing on the slippy inflatables.

Don’t make the mistake I did though and wear pop socks, one of them abandoned me after the first splash into the lake off a slide.



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I remain in awe of the incredible views I got to take in as the sun rose at the Sliabh Liag cliffs.

I was there to do filming for a Fáilte Ireland campaign for EVOKE but oh my wow will I be back up again as soon as my schedule allows to do the full hike over them.

They’re the highest sea cliffs in Europe and nearly three times taller than the Cliffs of Moher! Donegal is such a well-kept secret.

These are really accessible too for anyone with limited mobility or fitness as there’s a second car park you can drive to that lands you right at the spectacular viewpoint. Enjoy!



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The staff in Glas Restaurant on Chatham Street recognise me now such has been the frequency of my visits.

I’d never been before July but have now been back three times and tried just about everything on the menu.

Their delicious vegan and veggie offerings coupled with the fabulous ambience they’ve curated make for a deadly dining experience that’d make you forget we’re in the midst of a pandemic. 11/10 recommend!



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These earrings are sparking (Ayyyyy!) as much joy for me as they are for everyone else who lays eyes on them it would seem.

There’s never been a better time to support Irish creatives so wasn’t I only delighted when I saw these upstairs in Om Diva, where all of the jewellery showcased is made by Irish designers!

They cost €32 and if you’re as in love with A Little Idea’s creations as I am you can pick up a pair here.


I ATE Dolly Alderton’s book Everything I Know About Love.

I haven’t inhaled a book in this fashion in years and thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in her writing.

Through her own romantic endeavours, she brings you from cackling to crying but this is a truly lovely read that, dare I say, I think everyone would enjoy.

Be warned though, you’ll recognise your younger self in some of her stories in a toe-curlingly, cringe-inducing manner.



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That Tampax ad getting banned (WTF) was the kick I needed to get this ticked off my list and in between my ears.

Period’s author Emma Barnett reads the audiobook and does so in a truly enjoyable fashion.

This should be added to school curricula as an all-encompassing guide to periods, the history of them and current social and health issues relating to them.

If like me, your education was delivered by a religious order, or simply in a time period before… eh, well, periods were discussed openly, this is a brilliant listen.



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I had seen Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Foundation all over Instagram but wasn’t sure if the hype was to be believed until I saw some people sporting it in real life.

For my birthday I picked up shade 6 which is Neutral to wear when I had tan on. Je suis converted.

I need major lessons on how to do my skin makeup-wise but this is making up for the knowledge I lack in a major way.

Stunning finish in photos and real-life without being too heavy, sliding around or any of the other gymnastics foundation tends to do on my face.

There’s a heap of birthdays packed into my September (kicking off with the fella above) as well as some delightful annual leave so I’ll be doing exploring and eating out aplenty.

Let’s see what this new month holds!