I was flat out working this February! The bits below saw me through the IFTAs, Gossies and Glasgow. They’ve stood up to my testing so I’m confident you’ll find them fabulous too.

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Sussed In Satin

Digging satin the last few weeks so I went for a double whammy of the silky stuff for the Gossies.

The earrings are H&M (best place to pick up bargain ear bling) they’re in the shop but not online for some reason.

My heels are old ones from Penneys, I scoured the shops but couldn’t find nicer ones for the event… Booo!

These two Pretty Little Thing dresses were a STEAL at €13.13 each! Shop teal here and pink here.

Both have 60% off at the moment and I bagged a further 20% off when checking out.

Coupon QUEEEEN strikes again!

Papped In Polka Dots

These cute little blobs never make a major comeback trend wise the same way stripes do but I love them.

As you can see coordination got the better of me again, the earrings I paired with these outfits were in keeping with the circular theme.

The outfit on the left enjoyed an outing to hear the amazing Dermot Kennedy playing in St Lukes in Glasgow. The dress is Zara and it has really cute puff sleeves that this photo does no justice to. My earrings are in the ALDO sale so snap ’em up quick. Unfortunately the boots are two winters old so they’re no longer stocked in H&M but sure just mug me for them.

The outfit on the left was for some red carpet reporting at the IFTAs. The top is Zara and I wore a black low V-cut top under it as it’s very sheer and I didn’t fancy flashing people while working. My faux (always) leather trousers are from River Island and so are the earrings — Miriam O’Callaghan complimented them! Chuffed with myself so I was.

Cruelty Free Face

Along with my new vegan eating I’m moving towards a cruelty free face too.

As a result I no longer buy MAC or any of the other brands that do hideous things to our fluffy friends.

Inglot’s Honey palette from their Signature Collection is a bloody dream for blue eyes, the orange makes them POP! It lasts forever, has great pigmentation and retails for €32.

I SWEAR by this eyeliner. I’ve been wearing eyeliner almost every single day since I discovered when I was 13. I’ve a bastard of a thing called Trichotillomania which means my brows and lashes frequently run away from me so this has been a God send. It’s only €2.89 and available in Penneys as well as a heap of pharmacies.

First things last, this NYX primer is delish! My face is loves a bit of redness so this green gloop is a great base. My makeup has been gliding on all month and I’m equally impressed with the €14 price tag.

Body Bits

Super boring this month but I went waaay back to basics with skin care.

After the long winter and a lot of fake tan at recent red carpet events I noticed my skin was a bit on the dry side.

I switched back to the plainest moisturiser and body wash on the market.

These were a saviour back when I has psoriasis (it doesn’t come back anymore thanks to lifestyle changes).

They’re super cheap too, I can’t recommend Aqeuous Cream and Silcock’s Base enough, especially for anyone with sensitive skin!

Not feeling it!

My quest for delicious vegan protein powder resulted in my worst purchase of the month, and perhaps of all time.

I’m used to My Protein’s Vegan Blend (a pea, rice and hemp based protein) but I ventured in to Holland an Barrett in search of a tastier one. Their vegan one is a bit more chalk like and sedimenty compared to the whey one.

I naively picked up Nature’s Garden Soya Protein Isolate and MY LORD… NEVER AGAIN!

While the Chocolate flavour was delicious, and I prematurely sang it’s praises on Snapchat (Fionnualalala), I strongly recommend you NEVER buy it, UNLESS you need to look nine months pregnant with an hours notice…

The bloat this cause is like NOTHING I’ve ever experienced and it was so uncomfortable.

I’ll be steering WELL clear of all Soya based protein powders until I fancy claiming child benefits…