I was delighted to enjoy a perfect day yesterday, on my 28th birthday. You know the type of day where you’re floating around on cloud nine and utterly content? It was one of those rarities.

Usually, I’m all hype in the lead up to my birthday but the actual day has me inexplicably down. I know I’m not the only one whose birthday doesn’t always spark joy but thankfully, my 28th was bliss.

Lady luck has been shining on me in a major way lately and while I’m dancing in the sun of all the good fortune coming my way, I thought I’d commit to my website (sounds weirder than paper) 28 things I know to be heaven having turned 28.

The list isn’t in any particular order or exhaustive. I’d love to know what’s heaven to you too should you have a moment to reflect on it.

Heaven is…

  1. A long summer night with the people I love.
  2. A cold drink at the end of the workweek, but not ten and certainly not the morning after the latter.
  3. Petting dogs. The smilier the better.
  4. A dramatic sky.
  5. Watching the sunset over the mountains.
  6. And watching it rise over the sea.
  7. Babies; News that they’re on the way, when they arrive and their fat rolls and awestruck faces thereafter.
  8. Working with gas and great women.
  9. A great interview.
  10. Setting goals and seeing them realised.
  11. Seeing your friends winning.
  12. Finding a new song you love.
  13. Rediscovering an old one you love and the memories it transports you back to.
  14. Having your health.
  15. A great coffee in the morning.
  16. Eating out.
  17. Eating in.
  18. When your friends’ snort laughing and then laugh more about the snorting, leading to more snorting and hysterics.
  19. Dancing to your song of the summer at a festival surrounded by people you love, festival friends or even on your Tobler’.
  20. Getting goosebumps from a live performance.
  21. Sunday mornings with the person you love.
  22. Getting post.
  23. Exploring spectacular landscapes and spying some of the wildlife that inhabits them.
  24. A fresh set of claws.
  25. Listening to the rain.
  26. Getting lost in a book.
  27.  And having the time to do so.
  28. Getting to die peacefully in your sleep at a properly old age after a beautiful life you’re content with.

What’s heaven to you? Let me know here.